Recruitment of teachers  

Would you like to work in our classroom as an English conversation instructor?

We are looking for a teacher who can teach us English conversation.
As a new way of learning in the classroom, I would like to give English lessons to children who want to study music overseas in the future. The class I want to create is to learn about the differences between Japanese and other cultures through studying English conversation, and to understand and learn how to express emotions that can be used in many cultures. For that reason, I am looking for a native English speaker, not a Japanese English speaker with experience studying abroad.
The lesson format is group lessons, which last 40 minutes each time.
The students are children.
English instructors work on weekday evenings when students are present.
The charge is 1,000 yen per hour or 500 yen per person, whichever is more expensive.
The maximum number of people per lesson is 6.
There are 40 minutes and 20 minutes of miscellaneous work in 1 lesson.
One slot for a total of one hour.
I want a teacher who can have a simple conversation in Japanese.
It may be small at first, but we will recruit teachers who can work hard together so that the number will gradually increase.
Please let me know if you can cooperate.